BirminghamNAVS is a group of university students who seek to integrate following Jesus with student life.  We are open to students from any Birmingham university, those who are convinced about the Bible and those who are merely curious!  Anyone is welcome to join us as we eat, discuss, and explore the Bible.  We exist to help student as they seek  develop a deep and life-changing relationship with Christ, and to live out their faith among their friends.

Through Bible Studies, group discussions, social events, one-to-one mentoring and plenty of food, we work to equip you for a life-time following Jesus.  If you’re serious about your faith, this is the place for you!

The Leaders

The Navigators group is a guild society led by our Student Leadership Team, supported by:

Scott & Monica

Scott and Monica moved to Birmingham in August 2013 to help oversee the student ministry here in Birmingham.  They love to open their home, feed students, and train and equip leaders for God’s Kingdom.



Emma has been involved with The Navigators here in Birmingham for a number of year before joining the leadership part time in 2011, while working as a GP.  She is especially passionate about mentoring the young women in the student ministry


Fred joined the Navs team in September 2013 after a year as a relay worker with UCCF.  He is especially passionate about working with people of other faiths.

Logo 2014 (colour)

The Navigators (The Navs) are an international Christian organisation with over 4000 people working in more than 100 countries.  In the UK we work with university students, international students, graduates, local churches, and in many more different contexts with people from all backgrounds.